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Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

Hi everyone, Happy New Year. I hope 2009 is beginning well for all of you. In the second half of last year, we saw the economy take a turn for the worst. Many businesses had to close their doors - Mervyns and Circuit City, just to mention a few.

We know it was a difficult time for both our students and the studio. We hope the economy will stabilize by year's end and everyday life will settle down a bit. We at Dancer Avenue Studio would like to express our thanks to all the dancers that continued their support of our studio last year and into this year.

Now, onto happier topics - We decided to offer a price reduction in January (maybe February too) to encourage students to get back into their dancing. And it seems enrollment is better in January. Dance classes seem a little better than the past two months and people are slowly returning to their dance lessons. Thank You.

We’ve got some great events and parties planned for you this year. We started with a big kick-off and we look forward to ending with a big bang. We had a "Welcome Back" party on Friday, January 9th. We had exhibitions and extra treats at the party. It was nice to see many familiar faces.

Next month, in February, we have two great events we invite everyone to attend. It will be our Valentine Party on February 13th and the Youth Showcase on February 28th.

The Valentine Party is usually well attended as many ongoers seem to enjoy watching the Show, eating the pasta dinner and wearing the theme color RED for the evening. Come early, we expect a large crowd.

The upcoming Youth Showcase will be the 2nd production by Veronica Wagner, assisted by Dorothea Hockett, of the Academy of Dance (next door to our studio). These kids are working hard and I'm sure they're anxious to perform. If what I see during rehearsals is any indication of what lies ahead, then they’re definitely headed in the right direction. It will b a good show and we invite you to attend.

We have many parties and events planned for this year and we certainly hope you can attend as many as possible. We appreciate your support in the past and we ask that you continue to support Dancer Avenue Studio this year. We strive to provide a fun & friendly atmosphere to everyone and want to make our studio a source of learning and entertainment. We look forward to seeing all of you this year.

Mark and Veronica